Camp Out - September

September 14 - 16
Friends of Nolin Fall Camp Out

Wax Campground (Loop A) will be available for Friends of Nolin Lake members for the weekend of Sep 14 - 16. Your Friends of Nolin Lake membership of $25 will cover the cost of one site for the entire weekend (5:00 PM Friday - 4:30 PM Sunday) of family camping fun. Electric and water will be available for the sites that accommodate these amenities (please see

If you are interested in camping please email with your top 3 choices of campsites in Loop A. Put your request in early as spots are limited. The Nolin Lake Cleanup Campaign will also be happening on September 15th. Consider participating in the Cleanup Campaign with camping at Wax.

To become a Friends of Nolin Lake member and join us at the camp out, visit