Nolin Fest 2020 
     will be a water only event.

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions ordered by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Friends of Nolin Lake cannot have our normal annual Nolin Fest at the Moutardier Recreation Area. These restrictions do not allow us to have a large number of attendees at an event. 
The fireworks will be launched at dusk in the undeveloped Dickeys Mill Recreation Area, at the mouth of Conoloway Creek and adjacent to Ponderosa Marina.

There is no access by land into this undeveloped area. The only viewing opportunities will be from the water.

Music, provided by DJ Doug Ames, will begin at 7 pm and will transmitted via FM.

Food, provided by K's Cafe, will be available for purchase at the dock at Ponderosa Marina. Food will be available to boat traffic only.

Nolin Fest is brought to you by: