Brier Creek 5K Trail Run Grows into a full Trail-A-Thon!

The Friends of Nolin Lake Brier Creek 5K Trail Run last fall was such a success that we decided to make it even bigger and turned it into a Trail-A-Thon this year. It was held on October 5, 2019 and the day could not have had any better weather.

The first event was the 4 Mile Trail Run which had 9 runners. It was a crisp 64° when Race Director Deryck Rodgers started the run. It was a faster pace than last year with the first runner crossing the finish line just over 28 minutes later.

The winning male and overall winner with a time of 28:40 was Daniel Arteburn and the winning female with a time of 35:40 was Janet Ritchie. Both received medals and gift cards for their impressive times.

Second place medals were awarded to Russ Hurd and Samantha Perkins.

Nick Lawhon was awarded the third place medal.

  • Daniel Arteburn - 28:40
  • Russ Hurd - 29:19
  • Janet Ritchie - 35:40
  • Nick Lawhon - 37:59
  • AB Webb - 46:08
  • Stephen King - 47:17
  • Samantha Perkins - 47:33
  • Jimmy McGavic - 1:02:08
  • Scotty Hagan - 1:04:42
All participants received a race medallion and race t-shirt.

After the Trail Run we had a Kids Fun Run.

There were 10 children who participated and awards were given for the top three across the finish line. All other participants received a race medallion. Race Director Deryck Rodgers started off strong but finished up in last place.

The 4 Mile Trail Hike was next and included 10 participants. The hike took just over 1 hour 35 minutes.  Our mile pace averaged between 23:13 and 26:58 minutes. It was a slower group than the runners but we raised a good deal of money by folks sponsoring the hikers to complete 4 miles.

The day ended with an MTB Enduro Time Trial. We had 10 participants.

The winning time was 20:06 completed by Graham Rickers.

Joey Dixon was a close second with a time of 20:12.

Seth King rounded out the top 3 with a time of 22:08.

The top three received medals and all the participants received race medallions and race t-shirts.

  • Graham Rickers - 20:06
  • Joey Dixon - 20:12
  • Seth King - 22:08
  • Charlie Napier - 22:17
  • Chip Winger - 22:52
  • Daniel Arteburn - 23:13
  • Stephen King - 23:59
  • Joe Napier - 24:40
  • Cy Dixon - 27:06
  • Vince Carmen - 28:56

Volunteers from Friends of Nolin Lake handled registration, record keeping and disbursement of swag bags. They also handed out snacks and water to the participants at the finish.

It was a fun day had by all and we are looking forward to this event returning next fall.

Special thanks to Nolin Lake State Park for hosting the event, the US Army Corps of Engineers for providing equipment and managing the event, Edmonson County Parks & Recreation for timing equipment and Jackilyn Photography for taking our photos.