Land Stewards

Thanks to the US Army Corps of Engineers and horticulturist and botanist Carl Suk, the Friends of Nolin Lake is embarking on a botanical study of the flora within the boundary limits of the "red line" area of Nolin Lake.  With the increasing development on Nolin Lake, it is very important to manage and protect the shore line vegetation of the lake.
Catalog and Inventory Flora
Carl Suk is leading a project to catalog and inventory the flora of the three county area (Edmonson, Grayson,and Hart) that surrounds Nolin Lake.
This project will pay particular attention to:
  • Indentifying rare and endangered species and associated habitats
  • Identifying invasive species location and population demographics
  • Mapping both of the above
  • Creating and entering data into a computer database
Land Management
Through vegetation analysis assist, the US Army Corps of Engineers has developed a land management program.
Vegetation Analysis
Working closely with the Kentucky Mountain Bike Associaion (KYMBA), we are conducting vegetation analysis for the alignment of the Brier Creek Bike Trail. 
Snap Wildlife Management Area
This program is designed to delineate sensitive areas such as cedar glades, wetlands, rare plants, invasive plants, monitor succesional emergence after controlled burns, and make recommendations for controlled burns to Fish and Wildlife.