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Save Flag Island

A project to preserve a landmark on Nolin Lake.

This island located near Iberia and between Nolin Lake Estates and Rock Creek Landing neighborhoods has been deteriorating over the past two decades.  Once upon a time, this small island served as a place for the ducks to lay their eggs and other wildlife to exist but now it's barely visible in the lake.  Each year more land mass is washed away.
The flag on this island was put up right after 9/11 and has never come down.  Some nice person puts a new flag up every year, removes the old one and makes sure the flag pole is still standing and in good shape.
A new resident to this island is a plastic ape which gets its due attention as people change the t-shirt quite often depending on which team has won a ball game.  There have even been sunglasses covering his/her eyes. 
The US Army Corps of Engineers is working on a solution to save the island and more information will be posted as we get it.

In the meantime, bring a large rock over and lay it around the island to help hold what land is there in place.
If you have any comments or thoughts about saving flag island, please send them to our email address at .