Water Safety

Nolin River Lake provides recreational opportunities to over 2 million visitors per year. These visitors come to Nolin River Lake for camping, boating, fishing, swimming, picnicking, hunting, and relaxing. With this many visitors plus full time residents, it is of critical importance to practice safe boating techniques and to wear your life jackets.

Take a moment to read these true stories on how life jackets have saved lives. 

Lucy Loves Lifejackets
(Lucy lives on Nolin Lake)


Top Five Reasons Boaters Are Fined!

  1. Boaters operating against the flow of traffic.  Boaters should stay to the right of mid channel and travel the lake just like they keep their car in the right hand lane on a roadway.  
  2. Operating a boat above idle speed while standing.  Striking floating or fixed objects, or hitting waves can cause a standing boater to be thrown from or loose control of their vessel.
  3. Violating idle speed zones close to marinas, boat ramps, and recreation areas.  Waves created in these areas can cause safety issues as well as property damage to vessels moored close by or those that are being launched or removed from the lake.
  4. Children under 12 years of age not wearing an approved life jacket while in a vessel underway.  The life jacket must be serviceable and designed for the child's body weight.
  5. Boater safety equipment not present or non functional.  This includes life jackets, throwables, a sounding device, and an approved working fire extinguisher.