Brier Creek Trail SYSTEM

The Brier Creek Trail System offers something for everyone interested in outdoor nature activities. While the primary proponent of this trail is for mountain biking other visitors will benefit from the trail. About 3.5 miles of this trail will be located just along the shoreline of Nolin River Lake.

Some of the benefits of this trail to an outdoor enthusiast are:

    • You have access by foot or mountain bike to some impressive views of Nolin River Lake, beautiful rock outcroppings, and spectacular boulders.

    • The trail will be the only trail at Nolin River Lake in excess of 1 mile and will be one of the only moderate length trails in the area not impacted by horseback riding.

    • The proximity of this new trail to water will allow for additional bank fishing access.

    • Any debris and trees that are removed from the trail corridor will be anchored on the lake bed as fish attractors and thus better fishing for you.

    • The Brier Creek trail head is located within Nolin Lake State Park, which provides camping. The campground provides water and electric hook-ups, a shower house, and other amenities.

The following trails are now open for you to ride and enjoy:

  1. The Waterfall Loop

  2. Omega Downhill Flow

  3. Omega Loop

  4. Lakeshore Bluff

  5. The Point Loop Trails

Trail Length:

  • Completed Trail Length is Currently 8 miles

  • {9.2 miles when pedaled out and back with all right hand turns.}

  • Waterfall Loop: 1.9 miles - Intermediate with some Advanced natural technical rock features.

  • Lakeshore Bluff: 1.8 miles – Intermediate with some short advanced terrain

  • Omega Downhill Flow: .4 miles – Intermediate to advanced sloped terrain (one way direction to be ridden downhill only)

  • Omega Loop: 1.8 miles - Intermediate with some Advanced slope terrain.

  • The Point Loop: 2 miles- Intermediate with some short Advanced sections

Trail work days are most every second Saturday (9am-noon) every month!

Volunteers Welcome!

The Brier Creek Trail System is exciting with great climbs, daring descents, a fair share of technical challenge and spectacular views of Nolin Lake. This trail was put in and is maintained by The Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (SW KyMBA and IMBA Chapter).

Phase III began Dec 2013 and was completed in Dec of 2014. Phase III entailing the Omega Downhill Flow Trail as well as the Lakeshore Bluff & Point Loop Sections were masterminded by Alex Stewart of Spectrum Trail Design. Last year alone the Friends of Nolin Lake (FONL), the Ky State Park Foundation (KSPF), Breck’s Bicycle Shop and William Florman have together contributed $12,000 for the Project.

Trail Story:

When the Sal Hollow Trail at Mammoth Cave was closed to Mountain Bikers and handed back over to equestrians there was a big hole left in everyone’s gut about where to ride. SW KyMBA forged a partnership with Kentucky State Parks and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to design and construct the Brier Creek Trail System. The synergy between the concept that “riders need trails and trails need riders” became a reality and is ongoing today. Presently the partnership’s continue to snowball with support coming from The Friends of Nolin Lake (FONL), The Point at Nolin, Barren River Health Department, Breck’s Bicycle Shop, KSPF, USACE, KSP & WKU ORAC. May the snowball continue to roll.

Southwest KyMBA

Please contact us at if you are interested

in joining us as support for the Brier Creek Project.

When completed, this place will be EPIC!