Lake Clean-up - September

Help Clean Up Your lake!

Saturday, September 19th

The 13th annual Nolin River Lake Clean-up Campaign is happening on Saturday, September 18th. Things are going to be different this year, but we are committed to making this important event happen. This is a wonderful family activity where you will have a ‘hands on’ opportunity to be good stewards of Public Lands. The Clean-Up is designated an official National Public Lands Day Event.

Due to public health concerns, there will be NO GENERAL LAKE CLEANUP BY WATER. If you have your own boat and can take out your own crew to do a water-based cleanup, you may do so. If you do not have your own boat, but would still like to participate, the US Army Corps of Engineers can assign you an area that can be accessed by land. It is important to note that those doing land-based cleanups must be able to transport trash from the cleanup site back to designated trash drop off sites. There are designated drop off sites at each recreation area: Dog Creek, Moutardier, Iberia and Wax.

For more information, please call Libby Watt at the Nolin River Lake, Corps of Engineers Office at 270-286-6612.