Upcoming Events:   
2016 Schedule of Events
- March 15 – Begin Lake Fill for Summer Pool
- April 16 - Quarterly meeting @ Anneta Volunteer Firehouse @ 10am
- April 23rd - Nolin Lake Wildflower Walk
- May 21st - Paddle Nolin
- July 3rd - Summer Splash Fireworks
- August 13 – NolinFest/Classic Car Show/Fireworks at Moutardier
- September 24 – Lake Clean-up
About Friends of Nolin Lake
The Friends of Nolin Lake is a non-profit, public service organization with a goal to promote, preserve, and enhance Nolin Lake. 
Our goals are to:
  • Provide and promote recreational & educational opportunities at Nolin Lake
  • Promote businesses around and affiliated with the lake
  • Participate in and support projects that benefit natural resources
  • Provide the community and visitors with information relevant to Nolin Lake
  • Assist the US Army Corps of Engineers in promoting water safety.


Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Friends of Nolin Lake to: Increase the visibility and perception of Nolin Lake, promote and protect natural resources, encourage safe use of water resources, and promote the local economy; through public awareness, community efforts, and recreational opportunities.